Eat Less, Pray Lots, Love Well

Originally Posted on February 5, 2012 by Dr. Gail Feldman

Imagine, living to be 100! Not something I’ve aspired to, but the statistics say that twice as many of us could become centenarians than just twenty years ago. The U.S. leads the world in the largest number of people 100 years and older- 72,000 and this is expected to double by 2020! Especially if you’re female, you could very well live to 100 and beyond. Currently, the oldest men and women in the world are 114. Japan is another country with long life expectancy. Eighty-three percent of their 47,000 centenarians are women, so… if we women are on our way to super old age, it’s that much more important we live our very best lives. Now, it’s never too late to change careers, take up kick-boxing, ballroom dancing, horseback riding, orchid-raising, oil-painting, cello-playing, whatever harmonizes with your heart.

What correlates with longevity? Good genes, yes, and also a positive attitude, good health decisions, spirituality, love of life, and courage. If we’re gonna be one of the ancient ones, let’s be happy and healthy! Make choices that support your mind, body and soul. See a multitude of self-care methods in my latest book, Midlife Crash Course! Choose three ways to be optimistic, healthy, spiritual and loving, and practice them every single day.

Maybe you’ll join the ranks one day of the joyous, vital centenarians!


About Dr.Gail Carr Feldman

Dr. Gail Feldman, longtime psychologist, former assistant psychiatry professor, and award-winning author, has published six books, appeared on radio and television programs across the country, including Larry King Live, and has spoken internationally on creativity, resilience and the heroine’s journey. Her current passion is facilitating transformation through the Midlife Crash Course.
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