The Benefits of Life Coaching & Why I Added to My Long-time Therapy Practice

Originally Posted on May 7, 2012 by Dr. Gail Feldman

Partnership: The coaching relationship provides an ongoing partnership that helps you produce breakthrough results in your chosen areas of focus. My commitment is that you achieve every goal that you define as bringing fulfillment to your life.

Essence: Learn to live from your essence – your pure, essential, authentic nature —and discover extraordinary relationships and unprecedented results in life. I stand for people seeing the brilliance of their Essence, who they truly are for themselves and others, and their purpose for being on the planet. From this place of total self-acceptance and love, conditions and distractions of everyday life fade… manifestation of heart’s desires becomes the main focus.

Leader: Discover greater power, satisfaction, momentum and relatedness- and discover the leader that you are. Leaders communicate the worth and potential of people so clearly that they come to see it in themselves. People come to therapists for help in working through symptoms of stress related to conditions and events in their lives. Therapy tends to look at what’s wrong with people and situations. In coaching- there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix. We look at strength-building, gifts, dreams, greatness. This focus evolved from positive psychology, athletic and business coaching, and studies of leadership.

Balance: Find the balance that supports productivity and personal well-being. Life balance is truly problematic for people in our society, as we tend to be “addicted to urgency.”  Ontological life coaching – looking at how we are Being in life – as distinct from only facilitative coaching, clears away what’s been blocking velocity in accomplishing our goals and recognizing the powerful, larger Self.

Vision: Remove the barriers to the experience of life-altering love as  you design your life projects and create an audacious and extraordinary  vision for your future.

Call Dr. Feldman to discuss a coaching package that will work to serve your needs: 505-833-4356 or Toll Free:  855-DrGailF (855-374-2453)

And: Go to page 247 in my book, Midlife Crash Course to learn Self-Coaching!


About Dr.Gail Carr Feldman

Dr. Gail Feldman, longtime psychologist, former assistant psychiatry professor, and award-winning author, has published six books, appeared on radio and television programs across the country, including Larry King Live, and has spoken internationally on creativity, resilience and the heroine’s journey. Her current passion is facilitating transformation through the Midlife Crash Course.
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