Train That Brain- With Meditation!

Originally Posted on May 29, 2012 by Dr. Gail Feldman

Is it possible to “teach an old dog new tricks?” Not when I was growing up. Habits and moods, both good and bad, were thought to accompany us, like old clothes, right into our twilight years. I had a mental image of the brains of old folks shrinking and hardening like petrified wood- memory and a sense of well-being drying-up in the process, with no choice for change.

Neuroscience, in over 1,000 published studies, is now showing that meditation and prayer reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances cognition and compassion. According to Dr. Andrew Newberg at the University of Pennsylvania, by the end of only eight weeks of consistent meditation, we grow the structure and functioning of many parts of the brain. Apparently, we are never too old to change what we think and how we feel.

The best news? We may even slow down the aging process. As the brain’s grey matter suffers less stress it experiences more empathy, peace, creativity, awareness and acceptance. With daily meditation, you connect with your core self- your Essence- and discover your deepest values and most positive beliefs. Greater success follows, in both business and love.

Sarah McLean, in her new book, Soul Centered, says that the best meditation is the one that you do, but here is a simple way to get started:

1. Sit comfortably, back straight, head high – as though a silver cord is connecting the top of your head to the heavenly realms.

2. With eyes closed, as you imagine your inhaled breath coming up along the back spine to the top of your head, count slowly to four. Let the breath flow over your head and down the front body as you count to six.

3. Continue, and notice how much deeper you go into the meditative trance state as the minutes pass, feeling no longer in time, but simply allowing yourself to float in space.

This can be your entire meditation, or you may wish to focus on your heart and take five minutes to breathe love into your heart and breathe out fear and tension. And then for five minutes, breathe in love, and breathe out love to all beings everywhere. To learn more about the benefits of this simple meditation, go to The Heart Math Solution.

It’s time to take charge of your brain, align it with heart and have maximum mastery over your life.


About Dr.Gail Carr Feldman

Dr. Gail Feldman, longtime psychologist, former assistant psychiatry professor, and award-winning author, has published six books, appeared on radio and television programs across the country, including Larry King Live, and has spoken internationally on creativity, resilience and the heroine’s journey. Her current passion is facilitating transformation through the Midlife Crash Course.
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