A New Year’s ”Revolution”

It’s time to “revolutionize” our lives and put some muscle behind our intentions. Now’s the time to find our boldness of purpose and let the Universe know that we’re ready to be brave, powerful, and truly make-things-happen. I know I speak for myself, but I hope I speak for many others who were horrified, outraged, unbelieving, and deeply saddened by the killings in Connecticut of twenty adored children and their six loving, care-taking adults. I choose to believe that they are all angels who came into this life to sacrifice themselves and show us the way- inspire us to take actions that will preserve life and grow love.

There’s no designated way to do this. But I do believe that Albert Einstein was right when he said, “It is high time the ideal of success should be replaced with the ideal of service…Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” So I will remember my daily “acts of kindness.” I will support gun control laws in every way possible. I will work through my profession to increase mental health care, and I will pray that our national obsession with violence will shift to a delight in health and joyous relationships. Most important, I will focus on cleansing my own heart.

It takes courage to grieve, to grow beyond past hurts and disappointments that fester. So I resolve to come-to-terms with my past, release my old victim stories. I will write a letter of reconciliation to the person or situation that hurt me. I will express every bit of anguish. I will then burn the letter and as it goes up in smoke know that I am freeing myself from my own prison. In ancient Aramaic the word, “forgive” means “to untie a knot.” Forgiving myself and others means that I release myself from that tie.

From this space of freedom, should you join me in this act of release, we find resilience and energy to commit to new goals and live from our values. Research shows that those who are most successful at achieving their new year’s resolutions are those who are completely committed to change and willing to reinforce their declarations with daily structured behaviors. So create two to three actions each day that will move you forward in your life and grow a compassionate heart. Find a “promise partner” who will help you be accountable to what you have affirmed you desire to create.

Maintain your confidence by visioning the fulfillment of your goals. Feel what that will be like for you and for others, and let that feeling fuel your drive to achieve your heart’s desires. Reinforce this flame by expressing daily gratitude for all that you already have. Let your inner fire burn brightly- having burned attachment to the past, you can be optimistic about the future. And optimism can add two years to the length of your life!


About Dr.Gail Carr Feldman

Dr. Gail Feldman, longtime psychologist, former assistant psychiatry professor, and award-winning author, has published six books, appeared on radio and television programs across the country, including Larry King Live, and has spoken internationally on creativity, resilience and the heroine’s journey. Her current passion is facilitating transformation through the Midlife Crash Course.
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