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The Doctor is In!

The Doctor is In! Did you love “Lucy the Psychiatrist” in the Peanuts comic strip as much as I did? Lucy’s brash self-confidence is juxtaposed with Charlie Brown’s shyness and perpetual self-doubt. Taken together, these two aspects could represent the … Continue reading

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One Door Closes, Another Opens

As the door closes on 2017, give yourself time to make a list all of your accomplishments during this year, big and small, in the important areas of your choice: family, work, health, money. Then read over your list and … Continue reading

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Trusting Intuition

More of us are in midlife than ever before! In our parent’s generation, midlife was considered to be just ten years in one’s fifties and a midlife crisis was a kind of joke about men getting sports cars and dating … Continue reading

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